We never go to sleep as the same person we were upon waking. Every day we experience, think, and change. Hopefully becoming something bigger and better.

This I’ve learned: framing the present with the past and future fosters an urgency to be completely in the moment; remembering the past, aware of the uncertainty of tomorrow, and acting accordingly.

Life for me is a dichotomy. I’m a private, solitary creature constantly seeking to connect. By nature, that’s our lot in life. We interact with each other on many levels, but the internal dialogue can never be heard by another. We have our language and the presence and touch of others, yet our internal voice is silent and alone.

This is an attempt to share my voice in words and ways that may be understood. In return, I seek to hear the silent words of others so we’re not so singular.

I’ve spent life living dangerously. Living free is truly a danger; a danger to yourself, and a danger to others. A danger to yourself because being free is different for each person; a process of shedding every garment life has woven and dressed you in, and facing the world naked. A danger to others because they’re forced to see your nakedness, and many times they judge you to hide their jealousy and the fear of being free themselves.

There’s never been another option for me other than to be free. A life of extremes begat by a foundation of extremes has lent to an extreme experience of it all. Within these extremities there’ve been stories that I’d like my secret voice to share.

Like you, I’m the culmination of every experience I’ve ever had, every thing that’s ever happened, every word that’s ever been said to me, every word I’ve ever said to myself. That makes each of us unique and malleable. We’re all victims of circumstance. That’s just the way it is. But within all that circumstance we survive and thrive. And become more.